Computer Services, Training and Game Design School



Big Seal has been performing PC and Mac computer repair and maintenance for several years in the Capital Region and NYC. Now, Big Seal offers group and private lessons from beginner to advanced levels on all types of personal computer software, hardware, and game design. Want to learn how to better use your computer, or even make games? Just getting started with computers? We’ve got you covered! Instructors will be able to walk you through everything from the basics of using a personal computer, to installing software and hardware, to programming games yourself!

Technicians at Big Seal can also fix up or do maintenance on your PC or Mac while you’re watching so you can get your PC up to speed and in working order as soon as possible. We are based in the capital region in Albany, NY, and can travel to meet your needs. Online classes by video conference are available as well!  We teach lessons on a sliding scale based on ability to pay, starting at $20 an hour.  For more information or a free phone consultation, send us an email at and leave your name and number, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


The following topics (and more) are available for both PC and Mac computers:


+Basic Computer Operation

+Software Installation and Removal

+Upgrading your PC/Installing Computer Hardware

-Would you like to make a sluggish computer fast, or make a system able to run the latest games?  Both are possible, and we can teach you how.

+How to Repair and Maintain Your Computer and Solve Problems

-Is your computer running slowly as compared to when it was new, or software not working like it once did?  We can show you how to get your computer up to speed with maintenance and keep it there.

+Creating and Hosting Your Own Webpage Using WordPress

-Make a professional looking webpage for any purpose using WordPress, a free and robust web design platform.

-Learn how to reserve your own web address and setup hosting for your page.


For those who want to learn about game design the following topics are available:


+Using the Unity3D Game Engine to Design Games

-Learn how to make any type of game using Unity3D, a full game design engine used by major studios.  Unity3D is also free to use by indie and hobbyist game developers.


+3D Modelling and Animation with Blender

-Learn how to build models from scratch, texture and animate them using Blender, a free and open source 3D modelling suite.



+Programming and Scripting with C# or Javascript/Unityscript

-Learn how to do basic and advanced coding to make the customized game that you want.

-Lessons in both Javascript/Unityscript and C# are available.

+Writing Music using Cakewalk (or the staff music writing program of your choice) and FL Studio

-Ever want to learn how to make music for a game, or just compose in general?  Learn an straightforward method to make music that completes your project.